Essentially a ghost yarn, ‘Who is Bobby Lopez’ was inspired by a series of seances held in the basement of a crumbling hostel in the east end of London. “We were trying to reach the spirit of the legendary Victorian newspaperman W.T. Stead” Lopez explains. “We channelled this show instead.”

Who is Bobby Lopez was a theatre production that started at the vaudeville-era Hoxton Hall, did a run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2002, and cropped up later posing as cabaret nights around London. Essentially a series of story-telling skits, by using audio-visual wizardry we expanded the range of the show massively, especially in allowing the sole actor - Jud Charlton - to interact with himself pre-filmed as other characters, and providing many a coup-de-théâtre messing with a cameraman’s live feed. We were agile in production and performance, thanks to it all running off the all-then-wonderously-new world of a Titaniun Powerbook with VDMX2 and a USB video input dongle, and a DV camera and Final Cut Pro v2. Technology has rarely worked so well since!

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