I used to the run the student tv station at university, and this was our gasp commissioned by the BBC piece. Its a parody of ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ - quite the rage at the time. I still find it funny, I just wish the only copy I have wasn’t copied from VHS, it was (literally) broadcast quality after all. I wonder what Doug and Ben are up to now…

It, along with the RID edit, won a student TV oscar (nasta) that year.

Music: Track 9 – Clash of the Titans 0:39 – 1:40
Narrator: Imagine life as a student.
Caption: The University of Birmingham, 1999 A.D.
Narrator: The sun has risen. As the first lecture beckons the student herds begin to move towards their destinations. And so begins a typical day in the world of a student.
Narrator: Three years ago Guild Television began a project set to change the standard of documentary making forever. Combining the latest computer animation techniques with ground-breaking animatronics, Walking With Students will recreate the student world, bringing university back to life!