I was the VJ Imagination, a world-leading communication agency, partnered with to develop the ‘Ford VJ experience’. This not only turned motor industry messaging on its head and took me around the globe, but shook the event world, reaping numerous industry awards including a Grand Prix.


  • British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) award ‘Best B2C Project’ 2007 »
  • Event Awards Gold ‘Best Exhibition Feature’ 2007 »
  • AV Awards ‘Best Interactive Media Project’ 2007 »
  • AV Awards ‘Best AV/IT Project’ 2007 »
  • AV Awards ‘Grand Prix‘ 2007 »
  • ICVA Live Comms Award for Innovation 2007 »


A phone call from Imagination: combine vjing and ugc with us to realise ‘feel the difference’ at the Ford stand, Geneva motor show. Nobody had done anything like this before: Non-trivial, no sleep, NDAs. It was only the combination of my ableton+vdmx structured improvisation audiovisual work in rbn_esc, with the then private-beta vdmx5 combining arbitrary sized hi-res output with user-programmable plug-ins that allowed me to say yes. Integrate with database of text, images and voxpops, display those in the mix in a designed manner, whilst vjing together a live music video which in itself is a real test for a performer: a tall order, even in an ideal world. Rinse and repeat, for a fortnight. Big thanks to Jesse for helping with the Quartz Composer side, and Mo for coming through with the local footage.

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The geneva project was deemed a success, the AutoRai, a smaller show in Amsterdam was just around the corner: so off we went. Setup was to-plan, we got great Amsterdam footage from Dr Mo, we made some tweaks. We had it down, we worked it through, the mixes we smooth: it was a good experience all round, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the VJ setup to really dial it in to our needs.

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Frankfurt gave the opportunity to take everything that I had learnt through the baptism-of-fire that was Geneva to refactor the VJ setup. Not dissimilar on the surface, but underneath was a custom patch that was a live equivalent of an after effects project: it contained all the compositing, effects, animations and transitions we needed, and exposed just functionality needed through VDMX. Perhaps just as importantly, it hid the things that could cause any nasties!

Partner VJs

Los Angeles'07

For the American circuit, Imagination had commissioned Jasmin to art direct and produce four ‘vj’ style tracks. As the setup side for Geneva had swallowed so much time, it was a real gift to see somebody be able to start from scratch and devote all the resources to the content and aesthetic.

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The Italians really know how to do a motor show. Despite being a small show in the grander scheme of these things, it was the only show that actually had really cool car things like… a racetrack! 4x4 assult courses!

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Back to Geneva, one year on. With memories of still working on the to-do list on the plane out there and then things that should just have plugged in but somehow lost us days of the build instead, it was a pleasure to walk in to a known setup, load the fresh content and just play.

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