after an intense week, the drawing interactions app is ready to be unveiled. the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil turn out to be amazing hardware, and i’ve really enjoyed the deep dive into the kind of precise, expressive, powerful code that’s required for this kind of iOS app. it

  • plays a video
  • lets you navigate around the video by direct manipulation of the video’s filmstrip.
  • when paused, you can draw annotations with a stylus.
  • these drawings also become ‘snap’ points on the timeline
  • these drawings are also drawn into the timeline, partly to identify the snap points, and partly with the hope they can become compound illustrations in their own right
  • when not paused, you can highlight movements by following them with the stylus

i got there. huzzah! that last feature, drawing-through-time, i’m particularly pleased with. of course, there are bugs and plenty of things it doesn’t do. but it’s demoable, and that’s what we need for tomorrow’s workshop.