media and arts technology colleague saul albert put out a call for help for the conversational rollercoaster. happy to help as a last-hurrah for time in the same research group, but more significantly it’s an event conceived to take interaction and audiences seriously.

cribbed from an email, my quick take after was –
– I could show passers-by a scientific process happening live. A production line, almost.
– With the talkaoke table, not only did we have a source of conversation, but something that passers by had to navigate past.
– Watch enough people come past, you start to spot patterns
– Capture those moments, pore over the detail, and soon you can…
– Build a “theory of passing the talkaoke table without getting pulled in”
– Laws that clearly aren’t like the laws of physics, but for this specific situation do have similar predictive power.
– Why is it that they work?