james sheridan saw SPK-RectPack, and invited me to see the dome setup he develops the tech for: igloo, the company, could do with something like screenrunner running in the dome, and more generally james is a creative-coding guy keen to meet like-minds. well, i was impressed; it wasn’t long before screenrunner was running on the dome’s mac pro1, and not long after that james was organising a creative coding night in their mini demo dome.

as part of that he invited the london quartz composer group along, and invited me to show what quartz composer was doing in screenrunner. i was happy to talk about it2, i really like the mix of cocoa for the app, OpenGL + QCRenderer for the rendering engine and Quartz Composer.app to visually patch each client’s bespoke design and animation together. it’s not often i can show what lies underneath!

  1. happily rendering 9600x1080 and handing this over to james’s openframeworks edge-blending dome warper via syphon. the ease and painless 60fps of this blew my mind. 

  2. doubly so as tom butterworth would also be there, and in thanks for ^1 i could buy him a real — not over the internet — syphon pint in thanks and respect. https://twitter.com/tobyspark/status/433157752073224192