If you’ve been keeping your finger on the VJ pulse as close as we do, you couldn’t have missed the arrival of the Spark D-Fuser. However, we appreciate the fact that some of you are busy touring or designing wicked content. Or even may actually have a social life. Either way, you could have missed it getting that elusive ‘Buy Now’ button earlier this year.
Or it could be that you’ve seen the button and the hype, but are wondering if it’s really all that it’s cranked up to be. It could be that you want to know more about this mysterious magic box that will solve all your problems, before you part with your hard-earned VJ cash and actually press that ‘Buy Now’ button.
Either way, we’ve had the pleasure of working with that little bad boy on various occasions, as well as seen it in use by quite a few touring VJs. So we figured it was high time to give a first hand experience of what the D-Fuser actually defuses.

it’s a fun and informative review, and who doesn’t like being told they rock.

above the detail and any quibbles, there’s two meta-comments about the mixer that i really appreciate resolume making. the first is that “the *spark d-fuser is a new mixer for a new age”, with the review leading the reader from the act of vjing where the hardware mixer is the central instrument to where we are now: the sophistication and breadth of software is the prime driver, and so everything should be built around that. second, is that the *spark d-fuser is in many ways a hardware equivalent of resolume - it is a carefully designed product with a honed rather than expansive feature set, a product entirely built around the user experience for the user.

Now go press that ‘Buy Now’ button, everyone.