a milestone in post-retail *spark d-fuser life - there are compelling new firmware revisions for the controller, and a support website that backs that and more.

notably, i’ve assembled a guide based on people’s experience beyond the getting started video, so now there is an extensive document that details use, what you need to know around mixing with DVI/HDMI/VGA, and what to try if things aren’t working out.

headline features from the controller firmware v25 to v29 are
keying - tweaked keys are now remembered, you can key right-over-left as well as left-over-right, and the menu / user experience is much better.
resolutions - better user experience; fit/fill/1:1 implemented for mismatching sources and output; 24 and 25fps HD modes are listed by default.
network - better implementation of OSC / ArtNet / DMX modes, plus detailed OSC how-to document.

all at http://sparklive.net/dfuser/support