turning the dvi-mixer project into the *spark d-fuser product was very much an act of faith that peer demand meant something. but in no small part too, it was an act of hubris: i said i was going to do this thing, and i found i wasn’t at all happy looking at it fizzling away before the 2012 reboot. put those two things together, and you will likely decide to offer a pre-ordering window, and pledge to make as many are as ordered. it could be two, twenty, or two hundred; a loss at the low-end, a profit at the high end, but one way or another they were going to get out there.

but this is not how people expect to buy a product, nor is it how the world is set up to let you sell products. with daily enquiries from people too late to get in on that first run, december and january saw me getting to the point where the *spark d-fuser could become a retail operation. the face of this you can see in the completely reworked website pictured above, but the big development is partnering with a company to take on the logistics of the d-fuser as a retail operation. it’s a company i used for some parts of the original production run, that worked out well so they’re now my manufacturing partner with orders going directly to them.

all which is quite a preamble to a simple fact: there’s now an order button. go use it!