“The *spark d-fuser lets you cross-fade between laptops. It’s compact, affordable and — after quite some time(!) — I’m now ready to make the manufacturing run. So this is the final prototype, and with this I’m making this video to demonstrate the features and functionality so you can decide whether you want to have one yourself. If you do, you need to order now so that it can go and be made as part of that manufacture run.”


the video doesn’t look like the above, but thats how i remember it: a huge amount of faff to get the point of being able to knock out not far off a one-take wonder. you can probably see the time in keynote presenters display, i’m not sure i want to: the afternoon turned to evening and then night, and i ended up returning home when the tube had started up again. note to self: start in a studio instead of trying to transform the office most of the bits and bobs were already in. at least the night allowed me to hijack a reception area, even if it meant ripping up half the floor to find the cabling.