the programme i’m part of at university – media & arts technology – is quite a leap for the department to have made. perhaps it could be characterised as they realised they had lots of technology research, but nobody around who did things with technology, so they got in some artists, hackers and whatnot in to see what would happen. but rather than create an island of ‘cool’, the plan was to embed MAT within the culture of a science and technology department. very laudable, but has been so frustrating at times: institutional intertia and so on.

qmedia open studios felt like the turning of the tide. an exhibition of work going on in under the umbrella of qmedia, it was a new way of doing things for the department, from minor victories like getting computer science to buy white art plinths and equipping a workshop as a proper hack lab, to helming conceptual shifts in how research can be linked up across the department and communicated to the public. i’m proud to have been a force behind it.