to thatcamp london, an “unconference” ahead of the juggernaut that apparently is digital humanities 2010. loved the fact that for a conference organised on-line and firmly embedded in a world of twitter hashtags and multi-channel ADHD, the actual schedule was organised on the day using a giant chalkboard and people putting up their arms.

i was there for the semantic narrative / semantic web work i’m doing with the BBC, which has a lot of serious implications and opportunities for historians and whatnot, but these tweets are much more fun:

  • dancohen not to adore #thatcamp too much, but what other conference has academics, the BBC “future media” group, and comic book junkies in one room?
  • mbtimney more #doctorwho at #thatcamp! now we’re onto spitfires in space (an apt metaphor for our TEI / comic book / fanfic / narrative discussion)?