to nottingham for the ‘dtc summer school’, a meet-up of all the doctoral training centres that fall under the digital economy initiative. hosted by horizon, it meant the theme was right up my street: the lifelong contextual footprint, ie. the act of living is generating all this data/media, so what are we going to do with it?

given it was a meet-up and we’re the first generation, networking and sharing of research interests was built-in to the programme. show-and-tell, however, would have just been too conventional, so there were we with t-shirts, pens and 80 sheepish expressions. and yes, thats my shirt above, excuse the terrible photoshop shlepping of back and front. bonus twitter comment from jeremy morley: “seeing the different dtc student groups rather like the bit in shaun of the dead where shaun’s group meet an alternate group.”

lots of interesting stuff, including cool talks from matt adams of blast theory and aleks krotoski of the guardian and much more. it was a shame not to be able to participate in the “life stories” workshop, which was my interest almost verbatim, but the reason was good: my DTC MAT were hosting their own, and it was a little bit crazy: what if data were the fifth dimension? a thought experiment and some design fiction. there’s a kind of slides-made-through-the-workshop pdf attached, including the diminished-reality-3000™.

the marvels of the internet and the crowd there being what they are, there is already a series of blog posts that outlines the various talks and activities there: props to liz valentine.