as part of the opencity event, novak created the ‘uk game boy youth ensemble’ and out a workshop and got them to perform. in a library. with a PA. that more than broke the silence. this was a great moment, and the view i had from the balcony the photobank room was on made me happy for so many reasons:

  • a bunch of pre-teen youth out of their comfort zone, feeling the exhilaration of performing in front of people
  • they were using something unconventional and misappropriated. what does a gameboy loaded with a tracker mean to somebody who has grown up surrounded by xbox or whatnot? they were released way before they were born!
  • look at the library space. its an atrium. its light. the entrance is a blue glass box. its got kids and a PA! being loud! (if only for ten minutes)
  • and the best piece of public design i’ve seen in a while in that information desk. its not just looking nice with the ‘i’ on top viewable from the balconies, but its completely in the open: it is a desk for staff, loaded with staff stuff like phones, computers etc, yet there is no back room and public counter division, its a blob wrapped round the pole with the staff there beside you using it. and moreover, this is setup a hop skip and jump from the front door. transparent, open, trusting, removing hierarchy… great.