a new chapter starts: i am a student again, hopefully to have a doctorate in four years time. as twitterville put it, dr.spark.

Ph.D. Programme in Media and Arts Technology
An EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is one of the UK’s leading research universities and is located at the heart of Europe’s largest concentration of creative industries. We are launching an innovative inter-disciplinary training programme in the science and technologies that are transforming the creative sector. Our mission is to produce post-graduates who combine world-class technical and creative skills and who have a unique vision of how digital technology transforms creative possibilities and social economies.

This is a unique 4 year Ph.D. programme built around core courses in advanced research methods, interaction design and digital media processing, production and recording techniques and optional specialist modules ranging from Digital Audio Effects through Digital Rights Management to Contemporary Performance. You will work under the supervision of internationally recognised experts in: Digital Music, Digital Video, Human Interaction, Performance and Live Art, and Digital Media Law. You will also develop a working partnership with one of our strategic collaborators including: BBC, The British Film Institute, last.fm, SONY, Solid State Logic and TATE.