as it happened, the pretty reknown FILE festival was the following week, and we were in são paulo already. so an application for rbn_esc from me later, and some d-fusing from mike, and we’re staying on for particle’s second outing and rbn_esc’s debut outside of europe (somehow, thats true).

it was a weird experience though. for all of the festival’s reputation and a hotel bursting with artists, it was a strangely empty experience. i’m happy to support festivals without proper funding, and itaú cultural who brought us over deserve a great deal of respect for allowing to perform particle again and dealing with the flights. i’m not so happy doing that and finding the festival is all facade, with no real reason to be there as an artist beyond getting the tick-box kudos on your cv, and seemingly no concern for building an experience for the audience either.

nice to cross paths with motomichi again, pictured, who participated in the avit vj festival in brighton, 2003. his performance at file hypersonica was a highlight for me, a vj set of his black/red/white trademark animation that never lagged, that was constantly moving forward.