herein lies a little story. when i met ilan a few years ago, it was obvious he was a good type doing good stuff. he handed me a dvd of one of his main projects, and some time later back at home, relaxing of an evening, i found it and put it on. shall we just say that thrash metal with eye-bending visuals wasn’t the right thing for that moment, and to my taste, i couldn’t imagine a moment when it would be. but the world is diverse, it was a product of love, and so we move on.

so there i am at abertura actually experiencing lance blisters live, and am loving every minute of it. the disconnect between those two is the answer, often asked, of why i bother trying to do all this in realtime, as performance. to tease that disconnect out into words is a tricky thing though, and probably impossible for exactly the same reasons: the media != the experience, whether samples, video or text.