unrelated to visuals but very much in the real media world there was a really interesting project shown at abertura, a ‘such an obvious idea why hasn’t this happened already’ project called fisheye. simply, if you install the browser plug-in, you gain annotations that people have written about the webpages you visit. pair this with a well structured critique taxonomy, and you have a powerful media criticism tool. photo is geoff, the developer, giving us the tour.

Fisheye is a media hacking tool which allows criticism of web pages. Links to criticism are embedded like footnotes and visible to other Fisheye users who visit the page.

One goal is to take all the great media criticism scattered across the web and index it in a single place - the story being criticized. Links are tied to specific text and color-coded by type. At a glance, you can see what types of problems people have identified with the story.